Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Testimonial from the user of Jerslin Power Oil

Testimonial from Perlis Indra Kayangan:

En. Mahzan from Kangar (+60124412135): It has been 2 years I felt numb on my hands, I have tried all kinds of medications and tried to treat the illness but failed. Once I was introduced to Jerslin Power Oil, thank God not less than 15 minutes the numbness was gone.

En. Abdullah of Kangar (+60194429803): I have long been suffering from kidney stones, but when I use the Jerslin Power Oil, thank God the problem was over.

En. Man of Kangar (+60174973677): I am suffering from high blood pressure; there were once my blood pressure rose up to 240 b.p. that made me unable to wake up. Then I was introduced to Jerslin Power Oil, my wife has been massaging the oil to the rest of my body, after an hour my blood pressure was down.

En. Man of Kangar (+60174973677): My sister was diagnosed with thyroid tumor. Doctors have suggested that my sister to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. After my sister used Jerslin Power Oil the swelling reduced and she does not need surgery.
Testimonial from Johor Darul Takzim 

Kak Nor from Pasir Gudang (+60127712171): I have long been suffering from sore knee, and have tried variety of medications and treatments, this include the purchase of a machine priced at RM2000.00 but all the efforts failed to reduce the pain. Now I can move around normal after I used Jerslin Power Oil and save money because I used only less than half the bottle.

Nora from Larkin (+60127945069): It is almost 10 years I am suffering from gastric illness, thank God I was cured after using Jerslin Power Oil.

Shukor from Johor Baharu (+60177600733): I worked at a bus repairing workshop, and my duty is to do welding work. This work has resulted my eyes turns red and painful. Not less than 10 minutes I used Jeslin Power Oil my the pain reduced.

Din from Johor Baharu (+60127477547): I have suffering from non-stop coughing illness. I have tried many medications to cure it but none was effective. After I use Jerslin Power Oil not less than 15 minutes my cough relief.

Azah from Johor Baharu (+607351420): I am suffering from tumor in the breast and the doctor had advised me to undergo a surgery. Once I was introduced to Jerslin Power Oil, my breasts now is more beautiful and natural my tumor is gone, thus I do not need any surgery according to my doctor.


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